Access to data / samples

Principles governing access
  • The women have donated samples for use in ethically approved secondary studies. Ethics approval from UK authorities is necessary before any project can be undertaken.
  • A controlled access approach will be employed. 
  • No samples / data will be released that would compromise an ongoing trial or study.  
  • There must be a strong scientific or other legitimate rationale for the sample / data to be used for the requested purpose.
  • Projects involving women’s cancer and in particular ovarian cancer should be collaborations involving the investigators who have invested time and effort in the trials/study and in maintaining and enriching the bioresource.
  • The resources required to maintain the bioresource and process requests should not be under-estimated. All projects will need to cover the costs which will be generated using a custom-built cost recovery tool specifically developed for the bioresource.
  • Data exchange will need to comply with Information Governance and Data Security Policies in all of the relevant countries.
  • Where possible ‘open research’ with return of new data generated from use of n the samples/data will be the norm.


Access process


Please email if you wish to explore use of samples and data. The application form can be downloaded below.